A Sneak Peek at Fonuts, Open Tomorrow in West Hollywood
Lucas, Truman, and Reno 911 actor Carlos Alazraqui

Last night, Nancy Truman and Waylynn Lucas unveiled Fonuts, the new Third Street coffee shop and bakery they’ve been working on over the last few months, to a crowd of friends and media that included big wave surfer Laird Hamilton and his wife Gabrielle Reece, Carlos Alazraqui from Reno 911 in his cop costume, and even one real West Hollywood sheriff. Backed by luscious coffees from LA Mill, the partners opened up their fonuts case to offer samples of these fake donuts, baked instead of fried, in flavors like chorizo cheese, banana chocolate, lemon, and strawberry. Fonuts officially opens to the public tomorrow at 9:00 A.M. Take a look at last night’s ribbon cutting ceremony and preview party in our slideshow look into Fonuts.

Fonuts, 8104 W. 3rd St. West Hollywood. 323-592-3075.

Open tomorrow morning at 8104 W. 3rd St. West Hollywood.
Standing in the open bakery.
Will make room for seasonal and special flavors as well.
Includes rum fonuts up top and Hawaiian-style fonuts below.
Our favorites. We liked the fruit fonuts the best.
A fake cop eating a fake donut, Truman pointed out.
Here a LA Mill trainer makes coffee for guests.
Fonuts are baked, not fried. While not necessarily better than the best donuts in town, they would make a good, healthier alternative in the morning for people in the neighborhood seeking an early snack.
We heard many say this was their favorite fonut.
The legendary big wave surfer was in attendance with his wife and small child.
A real sherrif was on-hand while Lucas and Truman laughed at the antics of Alazraqui.
A Sneak Peek at Fonuts, Open Tomorrow in West Hollywood