A Look into Ramen Yamadaya, Open This Saturday in Culver City

Ramen Yamadaya
Ramen Yamadaya Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Ramen Yamadaya has earned praise from Rameniac, Food GPS, and The L.A. Times, but until now you could only find this relatively new Japanese noodle and pork party in Torrance. But starting this week (hopes are currently pinned on this Saturday), Yamadaya Ramen’s tonkotsu will be available on Washington Blvd. in Culver City. Come take a look at what’s planned.

The interior of this new outpost, as seen below, resembles your typical low-key ramen shop, with an open kitchen and bar seating to the left upon entering and a scattering of simple wooden two-tops stretching to the far wall.

Here, Yamadaya outlines the preparation behind its well-liked ramen in a wall illustration. The restaurant claims to use up to 120 pounds of pork bones, which are then boiled over high heat for 20 hours. Each bowl of Yamadaya’s tonkotsu ramen gets roughly 24 ounces of this pork bone tonic for a ramen that L.A.’s resident ramen expert calls “remarkable.” Take a look at the inside, see the menu online, and look for a Saturday debut.

Ramen Yamadaya, 11172 Washington Blvd. Culver City. 310-815-8776.

Ramen Yamadaya, Culver City
A Look into Ramen Yamadaya, Open This Saturday in Culver City