Mohawk Bend OFFICIALLY Opens Tonight in Echo Park

A shiny new addition for Echo Park
A shiny new addition for Echo Park Photo: Courtesy of Mohawk Bend

Echo Park, you lucky bastards. After much anticipation—and a few fake openings—Tony Yanow’s Mohawk Bend finally debuts in Echo Park tonight at 5pm. The former theater is a beautiful specimen, really. Designed by Spacecraft, it’s all metal beams, brick and glass, high ceilings–a pretty polished look for this gritty block. There are skylights, a fireplace and tall leafy trees in the back; a firepit and lounge seating on the street-side patio; a huge menu that’s mostly vegan (we see it more as a complement to, not competition for, vegetarian Elf Café next door); and more than 65 all-Californian beers on tap. There’s even a good cocktail program, with a focus on the classics made with artisanal spirits and ingredients. Spiffy.

Management is still pulling together the final final menu, which is actually pretty extensive, but know that at least 60% of it is vegan; you carnivore-only eaters have a 20% chance of being complete sated here. There’s enough for everyone, though: roasted artichokes, bacon-wrapped dates and pizzas coming out of the stone oven; burgers (quinoa and lentil for you vegans, or duck and pork for meat-lovers); mussels and fries; and plenty of fresh salads. It’s a huge, wide-open kitchen, and half of it is dedicated to veg-friendly and vegan cooking. Still, while all that food will attract a lot of people, that beer list is why most people will go.

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Mohawk Bend OFFICIALLY Opens Tonight in Echo Park