Zama Rolls With Questlove

Yo, Zama in the house y'all! Do you want more?
Yo, Zama in the house y’all! Do you want more? Photo: EUGENE MIM/Patrick McMullan

The Roots’ Questlove is the latest Philadelphian to get the sushi treatment from Zama. You may recall the Center City sushi hotspot has recently celebrated both Marc Vetri and Bibou’s Pierre Calmels with signature rolls. Calmels’ were topped with big white snails. Questo’s roll isn’t quite as exotic. In fact it’s inspired by a cheesesteak! Chef Hiroyuki “Zama” Tanaka and his crew construct it with Japanese beef, provolone, sauteed onions and spicy mayo that’s wrapped up in red pepper-flaked soy paper and served alongside a horseradish aioli.

[Update:] uwishunu has some more details on the roll and a cool video of Questo twisting one up in the kitchen with Chef Zama.

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Zama Rolls With Questlove