Will Maison Giraud Storm The Palisades on July 14th?

The site hardly looks ready for a debut in one week
The site hardly looks ready for a debut in one week Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

According to Pacific Palisades Patch, Alain Giraud plans to open Maison Giraud, his anticipated follow-up to Anisette, on Bastille Day. That would certainly be triumphant timing, though we’re yet to get confirmation from the chef. Meanwhile, the place is currently blogger-proof, locked almost as tightly as Paris’ historic prison and clearly still under construction (although a lot can happen in a week). Following Anisette’s shutter, Giraud vowed to open Maison Giraud for the pure love of cooking and plans both a bakery and bistro at this neighborhood friendly restaurant, with former Bastide and Anisette pastry chef Noubar Yessayan along for the journey. And why The Palisades?

The local Patch tells us that Maison Giraud will have 44 seats inside and 20 on a covered patio, separated from the restaurant by a floor-to-ceiling glass wall that creates an open feel. The chef must really be excited to get in there, as he plans to open the bakery at 7:30 A.M. each day to serve fresh juice, breakfast pastries, bread, waffles, cereal, croissants, coffee, and smoked salmon with help from master smoker Michel Blanchet, much of which will be available throughout most of the day.

In addition to baking his own goods, Giraud plans to source from the local farmers market, as well as the famous Santa Monica Farmers Market that was right outside of Anisette’s door, with lunch, dinner, and take-out all on the agenda. Giraud will also do monthly ingredient-specific pre-fixe dinners, which hopefully yields some cool cross-cultural exchanges with Drago’s protein-specific dinners.

Naturally, the legions of Angelenos not living in The Palisades are jealous and maybe even a little hurt that Giraud is joining the already rather privileged community. He is himself among the many whose own neighborhood is well out of this restaurant’s reach, living in Miracle Mile. Still, Giraud says opportunity appeared in the form of Dante’s closing, and he loves the space along with its proximity to the market.

For Giraud, we will certainly travel, though we’ll try to get in on the good side of Bastille Day, and not the weekend that could find Carmageddon crushing your path to his crossaints. Stay tuned for an opening date update and find Maison Giraud on Facebook, with photos of the construction site, a logo that involves Giraud as a tike, and a few clues as to what we can all expect and when we can expect it.

Maison Giraud, 1032 Swarthmore avenue, Pacific Palisades. 310-459-7561.

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Will Maison Giraud Storm The Palisades on July 14th?