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Will Chicago Tower Over Top Chef Texas?

Tom mixes it up in Texas.
Tom mixes it up in Texas. Photo: Michael Gebert

The rumormongering is accelerating about the next season of Top Chef, which is set in Texas (a state we love, like a brasher kid brother, but have some question about as a fine dining setting for an entire season; the more time they spend eating barbecue and breakfast burritos, the better we’ll like it). Last week there was a rumor that two chefs from Moto were away from the restaurant and Top Chef was the reason; now Eater even has a photo of Heather Terhune (Sable) shopping at Whole Foods with a cameraman shooting her as she does. (Well, at least it’s a woman who could be Heather Terhune.)

Color us a little skeptical about this rush to identify Chicago chefs on the show. We’re ready to believe Terhune, because they’re always on the lookout for top-flight woman chefs and she’s of exactly the age, level of acclaim and position where Top Chef would seem worth the absence from her job and an overall career booster. We’re a little more dubious that two Moto chefs would be on at the same time; it’s not like having two brothers on in terms of personal dynamics, and sets up a weird thing in which the two of them are making Cantuesque space brisket in an anti-pit with Vencil Mares while the rest are just smokin’ some ribs. But we reckon we’ll know soon enough, pardner.

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Will Chicago Tower Over Top Chef Texas?