Where’s the Best Taco Truck in the East Bay?; Man In China Gets Suspended Death Sentence for Tainted Pork

• The best taco truck in the East Bay, according to John Birdsall, is El Novillo (warning: music at that link), where the carnitas tacos are great and the tripas (fried pork intestine) tacos “are seriously off the hook.” [East Bay Express, Earlier]

• Two teenagers were gunned down in the parking lot of an East Palo Alto taqueria last night. The event follows on a recent uptick in violence in the city. [NBC]

• Vadouvan (a.k.a. French curry) is trending. Actually it has been for a while. [Between Meals/Scoop]

• Checking in on the still in-progress, cargo-techture Proxy development in Hayes Valley, where Suppenkuche’s Biergarten is now slated for an August 8 opening. [SFoodie, Eater]

• A man in China who was accused of tainting pork with clenbuterol — a drug that converts fat to muscle faster in pigs but which can be harmful to humans — has been given a suspended death sentence. [AP/Examiner]

• Fallout from Japan’s nuclear meltdown is still a big threat to the country’s food chain, as unsafe cesium levels are showing up in meat on supermarket shelves, veggies, and even the ocean. [Bloomberg]

• More and more restaurants are putting less salt in their food, but they’re staying mum about it for fear that diners will think the low-sodium food tastes bland. [Chicago Tribune]

• Fast-food chains love “super fans,” those crazy people who travel from restaurant to restaurant just to eat things like McRib sandwiches. [USAT]

• Red Lobster’s new ad campaign features “real” people who work for the restaurant, like a crab fisherman, and the dude who works the grill station at a location in the Bronx. [NYT]

Where’s the Best Taco Truck in the East Bay?; Man In China Gets Suspended