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Where Vinny Chase Might Be Eating This Season

Where will the dudes from Entourage be eating during their final season? Guest of a Guest has a few hilarious ideas, ably spotting how the douchier a restaurant seems to be, the quicker Vinny, E, Drama, and Turtle are ordering up bottle service in the joint. Obviously, this vaults repeat offenders like Brent Bolthouse and SBE to the top of the list. The predictions are believable: Vince landing in Promises (or something that vaguely sounds like Promises) sounds a sure bet, and we really could imagine Drama complaining about Papaya King faking the New York funk over in Hollywood. But our favorite outtake? Well, besides the one that calls Eric “a little bitch?”

Emily Green’s appraisal of Redbury sounds pretty straight to us. The scribe offers, “The Redbury: Ugh, f*#% that place…It has framed ‘60s rock band posters on the walls and we’re supposed to interpret it as “counter-culture”, but it’s impossible for me not to see it as another imperial conquest in Sam Nazarian’s vision to turn the world into Las Vegas.” Glad to hear we’re not alone, and certainly, if they didn’t do it last season, put your money on a Cleo cameo. It’s feigning at having substance makes it the perfect Entourage spot.

The blog will be back tomorrow with a few more predictions. We’re rather convinced the new revolving door of celebrities known as Fig & Olive, which didn’t make this list of predictions, will be one of the first stops the boys make this year.

What about you? Which L.A. restaurants do you think will get a star-turn this year in the show? Did anyone see the cast shooting around town? We’d love to know your own predictions in our comments.

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Where Vinny Chase Might Be Eating This Season