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What to Eat at Telegraph, Opening July 8

Telegraph is almost ready for the crowds.
Telegraph is almost ready for the crowds. Photo: courtesy of Facebook

It’s been over a week since Telegraph finally settled on a name, and, as long as no litigious New Yorkers get in the way, we can expect the Logan Square wine bar to open next Friday. We’re looking forward to stopping by after the holiday weekend to see what’s going on inside, but in the meantime, check out the opening menu by chef Johnny Anderes.

Blessedly straightforward, the menu is divided simply into first, second, and third courses, along with a section of tartines. The latter are French open-faced sandwiches, which come topped with either Edwards ham ($8), West Coast sardines ($9), or fresh bean puree ($7).

The first courses range in price from $4 to $13, and include such dishes as marinated seasonal vegetables ($4), fried formaggio burrata ($10), and sweet breads with fresh pasta ($13). The most expensive second course is the grilled lamb with blue pool oysters ($26), but there are plenty of options under the $20 mark, including the half chicken ($17) and the saffron pillbox omelet with Albacore tuna, black olives, and tomato shrimp nage ($15).

The third course is all about dessert, and features a choice between a loaf cake with fruit compote and raspberry lemon ice cream ($9) and a cheese plate ($18).

As exciting as the menu is, you shouldn’t forget that the Telegraph is run by the same team — Tom MacDonald and Jason Normann — behind Webster’s Wine Bar and Bluebird, and will feature wine selections by sommelier Jeremy Quinn.

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Telegraph, 2601 N Milwaukee, Chicago, IL 60647

What to Eat at Telegraph, Opening July 8