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Scope Next’s Thai Menu, and Get Your Tickets ‘Soon’

Just a few of the dishes from the preview dinner.
Just a few of the dishes from the preview dinner. Photo: courtesy GAchatz/yfrog

We know most of you are still recovering from the long holiday weekend, but it’s time to get back into frantic Next mode. The Paris 1906 menu ended last week, but the restaurant didn’t waste any time setting up for its second incarnation. Last night, Grant Achatz went on a little Twitter rampage, releasing a copy of the menu, 33 pictures from a preview dinner, along with a YouTube video of a coconut dessert. It’s a lot of information to peruse, but you might also want to start obsessively checking Next’s website, since Achatz claims that tickets will be available “soon.”

What does “soon” mean? According to the Sun Times, Next’s Thai menu will officially start on Friday, July 8. If the tickets are released like they were for the Paris 1906 menu, then we may have to wait until Friday morning before we can start hunting for them.

Also, though a futuristic Thai menu was rumored, this menu currently doesn’t seem to have a specific date. Talking to the Sun Times, Achatz described the dinner more as a “tour” of Thailand. It will showcase dishes from different regions of the country, and will start with street food and then end with more fine dining preparations.

We’ll keep you updated on when the tickets will officially be released. In the meantime, check out the full menu along with the YouTube video below.

Next’s Thai Menu [JPEG]

’Tour of Thailand’: What that means at the next Next [Digging In/Sun Times]

Scope Next’s Thai Menu, and Get Your Tickets ‘Soon’