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What to Eat at EL, Opening Tomorrow

Ready for guests.
Ready for guests. Photo: courtesy of Twitter

Phillip Foss just announced that EL, the very small restaurant he is running with Andrew Brochu, will open tomorrow, July 7. You can only get a reservation by e-mail, so check this post if you have questions. Also, though we had a preview of the menu, Foss just released the restaurant’s first official copy.

Though some of the dishes look the same, the official menu is much longer. Going with the whole “el” theme, there are now eleven courses instead of seven. Foss has documented a few of these dishes on The Pickled Tongue, and is promising to release more pictures later today of what the first menu will actually look like. In the meantime, check out the full menu below.

EL’s Opening Menu [JPEG]

EL, 2419 W. 14th Street, Chicago, IL 60608

What to Eat at EL, Opening Tomorrow