West Tisbury: Soon to Be Wet Tisbury?

Photo: istockphoto

Ah, West Tisbury, Martha’s Vineyard: The sweet salt air. The sandy beaches. The sparkling blue ocean. The mood-crushing promise of sobriety, because the town is completely and utterly dry! Oh, but prepare your ice luges, prepsters: All that might soon change.

The Associated Press reports via the Herald that the resort town might soon modify its teetotaling ways. In a small victory for those of us who prefer to down our overpriced grilled fish with something more potent than seltzer, residents plan to decide at their annual town meeting tomorrow if restaurants can serve beer and wine with meals. (Note: You must dine to drink, and liquor is still out of the question.)

While we don’t envision co-eds gone crazy in West Tisbury any time soon, it’ll be nice to enjoy a crisp white wine or five if the initiative passes.

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West Tisbury: Soon to Be Wet Tisbury?