We Have a Winner for Two Tickets to GLAAD Hancock Park’s Top Chef INvasion

Ths Sunday in Hancock Park
Ths Sunday in Hancock Park

After a stressful late-night session that left one dead and two wounded, our editors have finally picked a winner in our contest to win two tickets to this weekend’s GLAAD Hancock Park event and Top Chef Invasion. We asked all hopefuls to tell us who they thought was the best Top Chef in history and all but plead for someone to make us laugh along the way, which didn’t stem the tide of weepy responses about the injustice of Fabio, Carla, and Jen Carroll’s dismissal. But among the better responses, there can unfortunately be only one winner. Who is it going to be (that’s your cue for a drumroll)?

The prize goes to reader Jenny McCartney, who offers Grub Street L.A this touching haiku on her favorite Top Cheffer of all time:

Pointy hair, gastronomy
Quirky awesome food
Greatest Top Chef: Richard Blais

Congratulations Jenny, you just won two tickets to GLAAD Hancock Park with a tribute to Blais only just eclipsed by the Goth musical tribute the chef recently received.

Thanks to everyone who entered, we wish you all could go (well, you still can, if you’re willing to pay). And as always, stay tuned, as we love giving our readers the swag they deserve!

We Have a Winner for Two Tickets to GLAAD Hancock Park’s Top Chef