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Venice Sounds Roofie Red Alert

Be careful out there!
Be careful out there! Photo: Pink Sherbert Photography via Flickr

Yo! Venice! reports that three separate women claim they were slipped drugs (possibly GHB in at least one case) at Venice bars over the last month, with the druggings occurring at one bar on Abbot Kinney and one on Washington Boulevard close to the the beach. Scary! Now, we’re going to make it four. How do we do that?

Our Grub Street L.A. photographer writes to tell us she had a similar experience last week while grabbing a drink at a well-known bar that sits a little further west on Abbot Kinney in Venice and goes on to explain:

“[Nameless friend] and I went to the [unnamed bar edging towards the western end of Abbot Kinney] last week: So, this one dude kept ordering wine for us. [Nameless friend] had only 2 glasses (which is nothing for her) and I just had a glass of wine that I ordered myself and a tiny sip of wine that he ordered, because he kept moving glasses around and I didn’t like it….After we got outside, [unnamed friend who can typically drink a lot] was unusually wasted after two glasses of wine and I ended up driving her home… I woke up in the middle of the night and I couldn’t remember anything that happened that night and it took me awhile to recognize where I was. I was totally discombobulated. The next morning I talked to [unnamed friend] and she couldn’t remember anything about the previous night at all. She said that she slept in her clothes and thought that her car was stolen because she couldn’t remember me driving it…At that time we decided that the guy put something into our drinks….and then I saw this story this morning.”

Yet another reminder to mind your drinks and to be aware of who is handling your libations at all times and in all neighborhoods. And as our Mama used to always say, never forget Ted Bundy supposedly had charm and charisma, too. [Yo! Venice!]

Venice Sounds Roofie Red Alert