The Ugly American Makes A Run for the Border

Photo: istockphoto

Here at Grub Street, we hate to see local legends falter, so we were sad to learn that Fall River’s beloved burger joint, The Ugly American, will shutter this weekend.

Owner Gary Janczynski will close up shop on Saturday (or on Monday, if there’s enough food left over … uh, go Saturday?), but luckily all isn’t lost. He’s going to open another Ugly American in Providence. He was planning to operate the Fall River and Providence burgeries simultaneously, but per the Herald American, he realized that 100-hour workweeks just weren’t that palatable.

The new Providence location will be on the East Side, close to Brown University, at 167 Ives Street. And don’t worry; at the new location, he’ll fry anything and everything, just like at the old spot. As the Herald American says: “He is willing to put anything in the deep fryer, including pickles, Twinkies and strips of baked macaroni and cheese.” Prepare to get fat, Ivy Leaguers!

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The Ugly American Makes A Run for the Border