Toddy G’s Becomes Pizzanista!

Remember the whole Toddy G’s debacle that found the owners splintering amid promises to reopen, relocate, or head back to New Jersey? At the end of May, Eater reported that the Toddy G’s space was closed but reopening under a new name with a new concept. Shortly thereafter, the story was updated with a more sordid tale of how the fracture went down, again with the promise of a new concept. Well, the new concept has arrived and it turns out not to be very new when it comes to the principals and output, though it does boast a better name than Toddy G’s.

The restaurant is now Pizzanista! This Downtown pizza joint doesn’t appear to be doing its domain name any favors, so menu details are a bit scarce. But we see that Toddy’s co-owner Salman Agah is still a proprietor with Price Latimer Agah and Roby Latimer, meaning it’s just a Toddy G-less Toddy G’s now that Todd Giordanella is out of the picture.

But so far, there is still a Meat Jesus pizza and they appear to have Max Chow’s Meatty Balls, so it’s basically Toddy G’s under a new name.

On a Facebook page, they are yet to make any claims that Steve Sampson designed their pizza, but we do see some fun pies in the works. For example, there’s a bacon and egg-topped breakfast pizza, a truly hardcore-looking mac and cheese pizza, and an egg-topped khachapuri-style slice looks well-executed (well, the egg’s still intact). The more things change, huh?

Pizzanista, 2019 E. 7th St. Downtown. 213-627-1430.

Toddy G’s Becomes Pizzanista!