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Todd English’s Latest Woe: Too Many Valet Parking Spaces

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Todd English, most recently spotted pumping iron with The New York Times, was in Boston this week to reassure everyone that, yes, Olives really will reopen soon. But at this point, we’re wondering if Charlestown residents would rather they just tear the place down and build a nice bar or something.

Universal Hub reports that the Boston Licensing Board has voted to hold a cancellation hearing on Olives’ liquor license for September 13 (if the restaurant still hasn’t made any construction progress, they could yank it). In response, English promised that the restaurant is being renovated as we type this, and that reconstruction should be complete in eight weeks.

But the real problem seems to be that neighbors are getting increasingly annoyed. After all, Olives hasn’t even been open for business since its fire back in May 2010. Yet the restaurant’s swath of idle valet spots means that people can’t park there. Rages one resident: “The residents of Charlestown have had enough of Todd English Valet Zone that has been idle for more than a year. Please return these spots to general use until he gets his act together!!!”

Having tried to park in Charlestown, only to end up with a sad blanket of orange tickets on our windshield, we completely sympathize. It’s one thing for Todd English to open tourist-trappy restaurants and indulge in soap-opera personal escapades. That’s his choice. But it’s quite another to monopolize valuable parking real estate!

Citizen Complaint of the Day: Todd English and His Stupid Valet Parking Spaces [UH]

Todd English’s Latest Woe: Too Many Valet Parking Spaces