Big Head Todd

Todd English: Zombie?

Photo: Regan

’Tis the season for “best of” lists. Stuff came out with theirs this week, with a very intriguing category: Hot Zombie Restaurant. (Mmm, hot zombies!) What do you think took top honors? Todd English’s Olives, of course!

We’ve got to hand it to the guy: He’s taken more media batterings than David Hasselhoff, and really, all the attention can only help now-empty Olives when it does reopen (oh, and it will!), since at this point people want to see him either (a) fail spectacularly or (b) reclaim his prior glory or (c) at least free up those valet parking spots everyone’s complaining about.

Mockery. Zombies. Anticipation. Maybe it’s just a brilliant p.r. strategy? Will you try Olives when it reopens?

Hot Zombie Restaurant: Olives Charlestown

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Okay, America, Who’s Going to Take Todd English Off of Boston’s Hands?

Todd English: Zombie?