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Should Todd English Open a Beer Garden at Faneuil Hall?

You’d think that, with all the hullabaloo surrounding the reopening of Olives, Todd English would need to take a breather. But no! Remember, he also has Kingfish Hall to contend with: the same place that, mere months ago, was thousands behind in rent and facing eviction. So what’s a troubled chef to do? Open a beer bar, of course!

Fork Lift reports that English plans to convert Kingfish Hall into a Belgian beer bar, though he’s keeping uncharacteristically mum about the idea. Reached by cell phone, “He simply said he wasn’t ready to talk about it. He didn’t confirm it’s happening. But he didn’t deny it, either.”

Fork Lifter Kerry Byrne notes that English, despite his other woes, is a true beer fan, with several sudseries around the country (one of which just opened last week) and a pioneering local brew program at the original Charlestown Olives.

So, which will happen first: Olives reopening or a Belgian brew pub? We’re actually guessing the latter.

Todd English’s Hush-Hush Belgian Beer Bar [Fork Lift]

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Should Todd English Open a Beer Garden at Faneuil Hall?