Are Massachusetts Diners Horrible Tippers?

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According to a troubling survey from the Public Insight Network, called out in the New York Times, Massachusetts restaurant-goers tip about 10 percent less than diners in other states.

The nationwide roundup reports that Massachusetts diners tip a mere 9.1 percent on a $20 sit-down restaurant tab. Really? It seems like a typo to us: After all, the state appears in the survey sandwiched between Georgia, whose diners tip a healthy 19.1 percent, and Washington, whose diners tip the same. Maybe someone needs a tip calculator? Check (your facts), please!

Elsewhere, states like West Virginia and Wyoming have no data available (we’re guessing the respondents were, well, few). Arkansas diners are the stingiest, ringing in at 17.5 percent. Meanwhile, if the survey is to be believed, the heartiest tippers dwell in Alaska and New Hampshire. Aspiring waiters, take note!

How Much Do You Tip? [American Public Media via Diner’s Journal/NYT]

Are Massachusetts Diners Horrible Tippers?