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Tim Robbins Hits Gjelina Take Away; Camryn Manheim Stops By The Dim Sum Truck

Tim Robbins at Gjelina
Tim Robbins at Gjelina Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

In between our many hours spent poring over Celebrity Baby Scoop and OMG, we actually caught two celebrities stuffing their faces this week ourselves. And yes, we have pictures!! No, we’re not talking about those dolts over at The Lemon Basket (who are all acting surprised that Heidi Montag isn’t more like Marilyn vos Savant in person). We mean A-listers, dammit! First we spied Camryn Manheim chowing down on The Dim Sum Truck this week, enjoying a little Chinese on-the-go while in Venice. Then, the Grub Street operative we pay to do nothing other than watch who comes in and out of Gjelina spotted everyone’s favorite stud-muffin, Tim Robbins, eating from the Take Away depot, talking with fans, and dressed almost as juvenile as Justin Biebers’ dad. For more celebrity dining sightings (and that pic of Cam eating her dim sum), have a look below.

Bar Marmont: Diego Garcia performed two acoustic sets at a launch party for Urban Daddy’s Manero. New York-based editor Fernando Cwilich gave the intro, which was kinda sexy. The Glutster’s Javier Cabral and gal-about-town Yolanda Evans were all up in there in the mix with us. [Grub Street]

Bristol Farms: Ali Larter bought a six-month old baby boy. Oh sorry, that’s brought a six-month old baby boy. [People]

Freshii: Megan Fox grabbed a wrap and was cool to the staff, who were all probably doing their best to suppress their evil thoughts. [People]

Geoffrey’s: Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 25th birthday with a dinner described as “low-key,” we guess because she didn’t get tanked and do something totally stupid. And in this picture, she appears to be pulling that whole trendy Gandalf thing, where you come back to life, but as an albino. [My Fox LA]

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas: Justin Bieber hung out with his dad, who dresses even more like a 14-year-old Will Smith wannabe than J. Biebs does! [People]

Ivy at the Shore: Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson had dinner. [People]

Malibu Farmers Market: Judging from her expression, we’d say Tori Spelling needs to spend a little less time with her kids. [People]

Malibu Inn: Gavin Rossdale and Gerard Butler partied at an opening for the revitalized ancient. And suddenly, we were remember where we were supposed to be instead of that whole Manero thing. [OMG]

Mo’s: Hillary Duff and Mike Comrie shared a bite on Saturday. [Gossip Center]

Ralph’s: Matthew Morrison and his girlfriend went shopping for groceries in Studio City. [US]

Trousdale: Where has Eve been hiding? Well for a night, it was this WeHo club. [People]

Camryn Manheim Digs into Dim Sum at Abbot Kinney’s First Fridays
Tim Robbins Hits Gjelina Take Away; Camryn Manheim Stops By The Dim Sum Truck