This Week in Restaurant Deals: Details Finder and Duck Duck Dish

Which one will you use?
Which one will you use? Photo: courtesy Details Finder and Duck Duck Dish

What was life like before apps and deal sites were around to tell us what to do? Last week we learned about Blackboard Eats, but two more products have already popped up since then, ready and willing to take your e-mail address. The first is Details Finder, a new free app that had previously only been available in New York and Los Angeles. It promises to be the “ultimate city guide and social network for the stylish connected modern man.” You’ll be able to rate and review your favorite places, and also see what “friends and like-minded Details readers” are saying. Oh, and it goes without saying that there will be “discounts, giveaways, and other special offers.” Got that? Okay, get ready, because the second is a little more confusing.

Called Duck Duck Dish, it organizes tasting events at different restaurants. The company admits this is close to another site, but it will offer one key twist: “What makes us different from GrubWithUs is that there will be a minimum payment amount to get your seat at the table, but people can feel free to chip in any amount over the minimum they want.” Why would one want to pay more for an event? Duck Duck Dish claims that any extra money will be given to the restaurant to “play with.” Wait, what? We’ll let them explain it: “If some people pitch in extra, everyone will be pleasantly surprised with special treatment, extra dishes, etc.” It plans to launch in three days, but you can sign up now.

What’s most interesting about Duck Duck Dish is that it formed last Friday for a TechWeek Chicago competition. It is doing very well, and is one of three start-ups vying for a $100,000 prize. The final event takes place tonight at 5 p.m. at the Merchandise Mart. Click here if you’re interested in attending.

This Week in Restaurant Deals: Details Finder and Duck Duck Dish