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The Hatfields Secure Space for Sycamore Kitchen

Quinn and Karen Hatfield
Quinn and Karen Hatfield Photo: Hatfield’s

The L.A. Times drops the big scoop on us today that Quinn and Karen Hatfield, the mega-talents behind Hatfield’s, are opening a new restaurant that emphasizes an in-house bakery. The Sycamore Kitchen is planned to open on LaBrea early next year to provide a place for great coffee and rustic pastries, two things Karen Hatfield says she can find around town, but seldom together.

Sycamore will serve from eight in the morning until eight at night, with a brunch that doesn’t skimp on items like pork belly, house-cured Tasmanian trout, and poached eggs with chorizo, along with a steady supply of scones, cakes, cookies, breads, fritters, and muffins that use whole grains and superior ingredients. There will also be sandwiches, with what sounds a little a pork belly banh mi and roast beef with horseradish creme fraiche coming from the kitchen, which is housed in the 2,000 square-foot restarant space. Whatever Sycamore is in the end, these reliable perfectionists and inspired workaholics should more than likely deliver something unique and incredible to the neighborhood they call home.

Quinn and Karen Hatfield to open the Sycamore Kitchen on La Brea [LAT]

The Hatfields Secure Space for Sycamore Kitchen