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The Five Best Next Ticket Comments: Talking Robots, Auto-Tune, and Kickboxing

Who cares? Nick cares.
Who cares? Nick cares. Photo: courtesy of xtranormal

Tickets for Next were supposed to be released yesterday at 4 p.m. Grant Achatz said so, as did the restaurant’s Facebook page. But after “some fits” caused by an “insane and nearly impossible number of queries,” the restaurant was forced to postpone the sale after 45 minutes of trying. In most regards, this was a non-event; no one got tickets, and the whole process will start over today. But the process provided plenty of fodder for the Next’s Facebook wall, as hundreds of people commiserated, joked, made snide remarks, offered technical help, created auto-tuned dance mixes, and posted elaborate videos parodying the event. The restaurant even thanked the commenters for their “positive and even the funny &/or offensive comments.” We’ve never seen anything quite like it. Below are five of our favorite postings, from witty one-liners to talking robots.

1. Next Auto-Tuned
Moments after Next thanked everyone for their “positive and even the funny &/or offensive comments,” the entire thing was remixed, auto-tuned, and reposted as a dance track. We doubt it will be a hit, but you can listen to it here.

2. Alternative Ticket Distribution Networks
Many people suggested ways to improve the ticket process but few were as funny as this suggestion by Kirk Lertsburapa: “Let’s distribute tix the ol fashioned way. Full-contact kickboxing.”

3. Keeping Tour of Thailand Authentic
After the first few snags, Arm Theinpeng noted that this process was authentic to its Thai roots: “Traffic jam, you guys are really staying true to Thailand.”

4. Fill-in-the-Blank Form for Disgruntled Commenters
Not all the comments were nice, but Alex Turner pointed out that the angry messages had something in common: “(insert disgruntled parting comment) + (list local thai joint that you will be going to instead).”

5. Who Cares? Nick Cares
But nothing could really compete with the movie created to show the poor robot charged with fixing the server. He is bandaged and beat, but promises to do better next time: “Of course I will fix the server. I have no choice. If it is not lightning fast and able to handle millions of desperate foodies by tomorrow, I am in trouble.” Watch it all below.


The Five Best Next Ticket Comments: Talking Robots, Auto-Tune, and Kickboxing