Taste-Testing Box Wine; Strange Rains Affect Napa Wine Output

“Box wine? I was nursed on the stuff.”

• The San Francisco Chronicle decided to review three dozen varieties of box wine and found that these days, “There seem to be more choices with varietal character, not just pleasant adult beverage-ness.” [Chron]

• Resveratrol, that magical compound present in red wine, has been found to reverse cognitive declines found in diabetic rats. Also, it could help astronauts from losing muscle and bone mass while weightless. [Wine Spectator, Decanter]

• Phew. Napa growers are saying that the bizarre, late-June rain Northern California saw last week won’t affect the quality of the 2011 vintage, but will affect quantity of grapes, since many were lost to what’s called “shatter.” [Napa Valley Register]

• 2009 Pinot Noirs? Best. Vintage. Ever. [Wine Spectator]

• Seeing as “rosé madness continues” this summer, Eric Asimov reviews a group of Spanish rosados, finding them to be very inconsistent. There were a few “zesty, tangy” bottles among them, though. [NYT]

• During their nine-day tour of Canada, Prince William and Kate sipped some Okanagan Valley wines from British Columbia while visiting a remote resort called Blatchford Lake. The Canadian wine industry is beaming with pride. [Vancouver Sun]

• Rom Toulon, acclaimed sommelier at Michelin three-starred Meadowood in Napa, is breaking out on his own and starting a wine business. [Grub Street]

Taste-Testing Box Wine; Strange Rains Affect Napa Wine Output