Take a Peek at Jamie Lauren’s Menu at Vodvil, Open Saturday

It's no work, all play at Vodvil
It’s no work, all play at Vodvil Photo: Vodvil via Facebook

Vodvil will open to the public this Saturday night on Fairfax with a menu by Top Chef vet and recent Beechwood castaway Jamie Lauren. What sounded like a too-cool-for-school Hollywood lounge in the run-up to opening actually turns out to have a pronounced sense of humor.

Vodvil, whose red-heavy website could easily be mistaken for an ad on Eater, is all about games and karaoke and other such shenanigans. Roughly every half hour, this Fairfax spot will choose a different game for the whole room to play for about fifteen minutes, with prizes being free drinks and discounts. The next fifteen minutes are free for drinking and chatting, then boom, it’s game time again. Clearly, this is not the spot to go to have that relationship conversation. Still, here’s hoping to make it the first day they play Neptune, King of the Sea, in their bathtub. So, how about that look at Lauren’s menu?

Lauren’s quirky casual eats already sound like a good fit for a place that likes to play. So far, it looks as though the chef is reveling in Southern (with similarities to the “white trash” cuisine she brought to Beechwood) and Southeast Asian flavors. You’ll find fried pickles and pickled deviled eggs, pigs in a blanket with house-made mustard, and pretzel bites in cheese, as well as spicy fried chickpeas, Indian-inspired lamb sliders, and satays of spicy pork with peaches and chicken with peanut sauce.

Classic comforts like pot pies and turkey sloppy joes complete the picture. Take a look at VodVil’s dinner, drinks, and dessert menus online, catch it on Facebook, and get ready for a Saturday debut.

VodVil, 351 N Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles.

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Take a Peek at Jamie Lauren’s Menu at Vodvil, Open Saturday