Amid Soda-Fountain Revival, P&H Makes Brick-and-Mortar Plans

Brooklyn Farmacy.
Brooklyn Farmacy. Photo: Carolyn Morris

The Times chimes in today on the resurgence of soda fountains and the new trend of what amounts to, ahem, craft soda. Over at the Brooklyn Farmacy, Peter Freeman is concocting egg creams with Long Island strawberries and Hudson Valley milk. At Eleven Madison Park, the egg creams are prepared tableside and showily, finished with sea salt and olive oil. Some restaurants are even constructing their own large-scale soda fountains, which were more or less phased out of existence a long time ago. “I think soda fountains died because they didn’t keep up with American food,” P&H; Soda’s Anton Nocito tells the Paper of Record. “Coke and Pepsi killed it for everyone, in my opinion.”

Nocito tells us today that in addition to his Rockaway Beach concession at 96th Street, he hopes to open a brick-and-mortar location of P&H; in the not-so-distant future, “one that would include a custom built soda fountain, some old and some new influences.” For now you can find his lovage, sarsaparilla, and sour cherry flavors at New Amsterdam Market this Sunday.

And it seems that at least one of the major soda players is determined not to be left out of the soda fountain revival: Coca-Cola has been busy infusing the market with its new “Freestyle” machines, which dispense 130 flavors of soda (full list here); you can now get your Caffeine-Free-Diet-Coke-with-lime fix along with the deluxe sushi and Starbucks drinks at the new Duane Reade at 40 Wall Street.

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Amid Soda-Fountain Revival, P&H Makes Brick-and-Mortar Plans