Famous Food Is a ‘Train Wreck’; Café Owners Sell Celebrity Sandwich Crusts

• Gawker says the Heidi Montag- and Ashley Dupré-starring Famous Food is a “train wreck.” Sounds similar to Vulture’s first reaction! [Gawker]

• Some eccentric café owners in England are selling their collection of sandwich crusts and other crumbs left behind by famous people. [BBC]

• House Republicans are not siding with the Obama administration’s efforts to limit junk-food advertising to kids. Quelle surprise. [USAT]

• Guess the Wall Street Burger Shoppe’s $175 hamburger never took: The eatery has declared bankruptcy. [Crain’s]

• Matt “No Fun” Dillon was among those concerned about a relocated Calle Ocho on the Upper West Side. [DNA Info]

• Sugar and dairy are the latest commodities whose prices have soared. However, the U.S. corn crop is plenty big this year, which will help drive some food costs down. [Bloomberg, Mercury News]

• Meanwhile, Kenya is the latest African nation to see rioting over food prices; police dispersed a recent protest with tear gas. [Reuters]

Famous Food Is a ‘Train Wreck’; Café Owners Sell