I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Thing

Sean Robins Just Ate at 2,000 L.A. Restaurants and All He Gets Is This New Blog

The heavy lifintg is mostly done...
The heavy lifintg is mostly done… Photo: DVS via Flickr

Yesterday we got an email from one Sean Robbins, who tells us he is on a quest that began way back in the days when Zagat was actually essential. Fourteen years ago, this self-proclaimed “monster” decided he was going to eat at every single place listed in the L.A. Zagat Guide, buying the latest edition each year and updating it. Currently, the man says he’s just thirteen restaurants away from his goal and funnily enough, only just started a blog about in May to detail his final steps.

Not only is Robins just about the last food-obsessive on earth to start a blog, he promises to make his final meal an affair at Pink’s to raise money for cancer research in honor of his father who still suffers from a past struggle with throat cancer. He’s hoping the blog raises awareness of his mission, as well as for his quest.

Now, we don’t always agree with the guy (he doesn’t consume mushrooms, beef, soda, or milk and dubs Tacos Por Favor L.A.’s ugliest restaurant, making us wonder if he’s really eaten everywhere), but if he’s a genuine article and not some sort of joker or conceptual performance artist riffing on food culture and media, then following him to the end of his adventure must be worth reading. Plus, in a fun turn, the guy turns out to be way more opinionated than the wishy-washy reviews in Zagat!

You can follow the exploits of Robins as he attempts to eat the L.A. Zagat guide, past and present, over at Feedthemonster.com.

Sean Robins Just Ate at 2,000 L.A. Restaurants and All He Gets Is This New Blog