Scenes from Concern Foundation’s 37th Annual Block Party
Savore’s 58-minute egg

This past Saturday night, The Concern Foundation took over Paramount Studio’s New York City back-lot for its 37th annual block party, featuring over 40 restaurants and ten bars. The cancer research fundraiser might not be the coolest ticket in town when it comes to tasting events. Instead of Michael Voltaggio or a newly debuted pop-up concept, one found families, seniors, and couples enjoying neighborhood and Westside family institutions in abundance, allowing us to finally taste dishes from places we can’t always fit into our busy eating schedules. From compressed watermelon mojitos at Chaya to mammoth cuts of meat at Samba, Fogo de Chao, Tavern, and Factor’s, and desserts from Big Man Bakes and La Provence Patisserie, the night was a belly stuffer for certain. Come take a look at some of our favorite dishes (and spirit fingers) in a slide show look at scenes from Concern’s 37th Block Party fundraiser.

Held at Paramount Studios.
58 minute farm egg with heirloom beans and bearnaise.
Meatball and cucumber skewers with goat cheese.
Watermelon mojitos.
Grilled up steak and sausages. ​We’ve had dreams that looked like this before.
William “Chip” Brown and his partners.
Chicken spring rolls.
The restaurant’s ribs proved one of the most popular dishes, forcing Tavern to keep them low-key after awhile.
Was the theme of the night, meaning there was a lot of this kind of thing.
Making hand rolls.
Staff sliced prime rib, without the gold medallions this time around.
Making the veggie burgers.
Made tortillas by hand, as they do in the middle of their Venice restaurant.
Bacon-wrapped chicken, mmmmm…
Employed the world’s slowest bartenders to make fruit cocktails.
President James Carling was showing off his new Orangecello.
Just as things were looking kind of bleak for us tequila lovers, we found Mas Malo pouring 4 Copas.
The caterer made Thai noodles with Chinese vermicelli.
A new energy drink.
Exec chef Nathalia Ivanova.
Supplied the cannoli.
In addition to offering their macarons, the confectioner held its middle finger up to the mini-cupcake trend with this Shrek-sized cupcake.
Drinking on the job…
Scenes from Concern Foundation’s 37th Annual Block Party