S.F. Named One of America’s Best Beer Cities; ‘Healthy’ Vending Machines Are Everywhere Now

• San Francisco is number nine on this new list of America’s Best Beer Cities, as voted by Travel + Leisure readers. Portland, btw, is number one. [Travel + Leisure]

• Michael Bauer says he continued to have an “iron stomach” throughout his brush with food poisoning this week, and still posts some favorite dishes of the last week, none of which are from the likely restaurant culprit, which he still won’t name. [Between Meals/Scoop]

• Which fish have the least amount of mercury again? [NDRC via Grubgirl]

• Enjoy your Snickers while it lasts: Vending machines that sell fruit, soy milk, baked chips, and other “healthier” snacks, are cropping up everywhere. [NYDN]

• Universal theme park’s Harry Potter exhibit is now serving Butterbeer. It contains neither butter nor beer. [NYDN]

• The nightclub attached to Eva Longoria’s Beso Steakhouse in Las Vegas was forced to close amid financial issues. [CBS News]

• Read all about the life-changing invention, and evolution, of the drinking straw. [Gizmodo]

S.F. Named One of America’s Best Beer Cities; ‘Healthy’