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Ryan Reynolds Eats with Scarlett Johannson at Little Dom’s; Weston Cage Throws Kicks at Boa

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds Photo: CMJ Cool via Flickr

A few weeks ago, back when he simply seemed like a chubby, vulnerable Goth kid in the middle of a mental breakdown, we made fun of Weston Cage. Now we find out that the dude is the second coming of David Chiang and could kick our asses. Great! This chip off of Nicolas Cage’s crazy-ass block did a little kung-fu outside of Boa this week, looking like a Shaolin-trained serial killer with a shaved head who doesn’t even need to drop his cigarette to finish us. Still, you’ve got to love L.A. One minute you’re being taken away in a butterfly net to Crazytown, the next you’re TMZ’s favorite action star. While we check to make sure the door is locked (again), check out this week’s celebrity sightings at L.A. restaurants.

Boa: Nicolas Cage’s son Weston threw kicks outside of the restaurant, riffing on his sudden fame. [The Superficial]

Cheesecake Factory: Dear God, we promise if you give us money, we’ll eat much better than Justin Bieber does. [People]

House of Blues: The Octomom was sippin’ on booze at The House of Blues, or at least that’s how we interpret the title “Octomom’s Drunk Lesbian Birthday Party.” But when did she start resembling Tiny Tim more than Angelina Jolie? Not a good look, Ms. Octo! [The Superficial]

Little Dom’s
: Ryan Reynolds had lunch with Scarlett Johansson to catch up, because really, they shared a lot through the years and shouldn’t forget that somewhere deep down inside they still have feelings for one another that should be openly shared in a safe environment. [Gossip Center]

Little Next Door: Hot couple Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez (OliBerry? Halinez?) had lunch together. [Celebrity Gossip]

Madeo: Proving that wearing one of those dock-worker skullcaps actually doesn’t make chicks think you’re a giant D-bag, Brody Jenner scored a date with Avril Lavigne. [Celebrity-Gossip]

Madeo: Todd Philipps is back for more! He and Paris Hilton were again on the town. [,a href=”http://www.contactmusic.com/celebrity-videos.nsf/footage/paris-hilton-leaving-madeos-restaurant-in-beverly-hills_10621”>Contact Music]

Malibu Farmers Market: Tori Spelling was there, as usual. Is she bringing the bag lady look back into vogue? [The Superficial]

Malibu Inn: Paris Hilton looked radiant, while Todd Phillips looked like he just woke up in that painful scene from The Hangover…and pretty much that exact same scene again in The Hangover II. [People]

Plaisir: Kristen Wiig, everyone’s favorite, mellowed out over cappucino and a chocolate crossaint. [People]

Red O: Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes had dinner together. The tortillas were too hot for his widdle hands, apparently. [People]

Sushi Roku
: Cheryl Cole had dinner with Derek Hough and Kimberly Walsh. We don’t know who they are either, but just go with it… [Star Lounge]

Tavern: Reese Witherspoon loves this spot! [Celebrity Gossip]

The Wiener Truck: Miley Cyrus chowed down on some street sausage, y’all. [The Superficial]

Villa Blanca: Nick Jonas and his girl helped throw a party for the guy’s mom. [,a rhef=”http://www.people.com/people/gallery/0,,20509583,00.html#20988111”>People]

Ryan Reynolds Eats with Scarlett Johannson at Little Dom’s; Weston Cage Throws