Restaurants Cut Back on Salt; Little Dom’s Stymied in Studio City

• More and more restaurants are putting less salt in their food, but they’re staying mum about it for fear that diners will think the low-sodium food tastes bland. [Chicago Tribune]

• Fallout from Japan’s nuclear meltdown is still a big threat to the country’s food chain, as unsafe cesium levels are showing up in meat on supermarket shelves, veggies, and even the ocean. [Bloomberg]

• Plans for a Studio City location of Little Dom’s have been squashed by Zoning Administrator Maya E. Zaitzevsky, who has refused to grant conditional use permits for parking spaces and liquor sales. [Studio City Patch]

We called it! Cleo will appear in Entourage this season. See where else the show was shooting for its final run right here. [USA Today]

• Philadelphia cheese steak rivals Pat’s and Geno’s are still at it after all of these years! [LAT]

• KABC doesn’t exactly have its finger on the pulse of Downtown’s hottest new restaurants (at least of this year), plus it spells Bottega Louie wrong. [KABC]

• Many Californians say they are still reeling from the recession, with dining out remaining a casualty. [LAT]

• Fast-food chains love “super fans,” those crazy people who travel from restaurant to restaurant just to eat things like McRib sandwiches. [USAT]

• Red Lobster’s new ad campaign features “real” people who work for the restaurant, like a crab fisherman, and the dude who works the grill station at a location in the Bronx. [NYT]

Restaurants Cut Back on Salt; Little Dom’s Stymied in Studio City