Regarding Churchill, the Mixed Crowd, Bad Music, OK Cocktails

Churchill Photo: Urban Daddy

This week, the Weekly’s Bouncer column hones in on Churchill (198 Church Street) — the ostensibly bro-friendly bar from the guys who brought you Bloodhound and Double Dutch, with a World War II theme. (Said theme has always seemed to us like an attempt to reposition the bar as far as possible from its previous incarnation, and the gay neighborhood on whose edge it lies, given that WWII pretty much translates to concentration camps for the gays, but we digress, and we’re sure they didn’t mean it that way.) Writer Katy St. Clair wonders aloud, “How did downtown professionals and people who listen to John Mayer end up here?” It’s a fair question, but certainly there are plenty of straight guys in the immediate vicinity, who are also fans of Blackbird, but who might find themselves even more comfortable in a place that plays Pearl Jam and that’s been talked up by Thrillist.

St. Clair isn’t one of them, and neither are we really — and we should point out that the cocktails we’ve had there were insufficiently shaken, by barkeeps who didn’t come off as too well trained. They did a nice job of opening up the space and changing the aesthetic, we’ll give them that.

And sure, the people of the Upper Market, Lower Haight environs deserve more than one semi-upscale cocktail venue, but we still like Blackbird’s vibe and menu better.

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Regarding Churchill, the Mixed Crowd, Bad Music, OK Cocktails