Really Happening: A Food Truck Inside of LAX

Planes, food trucks, and automobiles
Planes, food trucks, and automobiles Photo: Dsearl’s via Flickr

Yeah, so this is actually happening. LAX plans to park a food truck inside of its Terminal Four (now with more contractually-curated cuisine!) to show all of our international visitors what real L.A. street food is not like. As part of the local six-restaurant strong food court planned for Terminal 4, The L.A. Gourmet Street Truck (note to Bill Esparza: sue!) will offer what Terminal U calls “ethnic cuisines” that will change with the seasons, alongside Real Food Daily, 8 Oz. Burger, Provence Patisserie, and from the early images, Cole’s, which is kind of cool to glimpse their vintage-y signage in the airport we must admit. So, uh, “ethnic cuisines?”

They said it, not us. So far, it sounds like the truck will rotate menus from L.A.’s nouveau food truck fleet, with one trendy vendor already named as a participant (although we’re now told the truck in question never approved a deal). Well, at least it should keep the truckers employed for a little while longer without overzealous city-council people and LAPD traffic patrols all up in their business.

But will it really reflect L.A.’s food culture? Eh, not really. It’s embracing a trend and giving a few of our eateries a big boost, but really, it’s nothing like searching through a huge cardboard box of pork bellies in a Koreatown mall or waiting for pastor to be carved off a spit in a gas station parking lot.

In any case, it all sounds better than the crap they’re usually charging eleven dollars for at the airport!

The L.A. Gourmet Street Truck will debut in the late summer of 2012, right around the time the words “food” and “truck” together make you chortle into your hand and say, “How very 2010!”

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Really Happening: A Food Truck Inside of LAX