Osteria Updates Its Menu For Summer

Jeff Michaud
Jeff Michaud Photo: Courtesy Osteria

Today is day three of menu changeovers at Osteria, which means that tonight will be the maiden voyage for the whole new bill of fare. Like all the restaurants in the Vetri family, at Osteria chef and co-owner Jeff Michaud transitions from one menu to another over the course of three days to minimize any potential mistakes in the switch. “We’re taking a lot of the spring stuff off,” Michaud told Grub Street. “There’s always a couple of staples that always stay — the sides all change with what’s in season — but we’ve revamped like 50 to 60 percent of the menu.” Gone are dishes that rely on things like morels and Michaud’s homegrown fava beans. The new menu includes the return of the seasonal specialty pannocchia, a pizza that substitutes a corn puree for tomato sauce, and is topped with charred scallions, bufala mozzarella, truffles and fresh corn. Keep reading for the full menu.

Le Pizze Tradizionali

tomato, basil and mozzarella $15

octopus, tomato, red chili flakes and smoked mozzarella $17

baked egg, bitto cheese, mozzarella and cotechino sausage $18

fresh corn, bufala mozzarella, truffle and charred scallions $19

eggplant, goat cheese, heirloom tomato and fresh oregano $18

mozzarella, fontina, arugula and prosciutto di parma $20

Le Pizze Napoletane

siciliano pistacchio pesto, mozzarella and mortadella $21

crushed san marzano tomatoes, oregano and sliced garlic $18

crispy pig trotters, mozzarella, rosemary and peaches $19


grilled pork belly with melon salad and mint $12

veal sausage, cherry salad charred red scallion and housemade mustard $14

green meadow farm goat cheese sformato with chanterelles and
peach vinaigrette $15

wood oven baked sardines with salsa rossa and cucumber salad $14

corn zuppetta with bufala mozzarella and lobster $18

porchetta tonnata with arugula, celery and parmigiano $14

tuna crudo with basil, tomato mayo and gnocchi fritto $16

house cured salumi plate with artichoke mostarda $14

“ciareghi” cotechino, soft polenta and sunny-side up egg $16

mozzarella in carrozza with olive oil poached pear tomatoes and capers $12

wood grilled octopus, cured lemon, potato and chives $17


tomato tortellini with burrata and basil $16

corn cavatelli with corn bolognese $16

robiola francobolli “postage stamp ravioli” with royal trumpet mushrooms and thyme $16

black pepper ravioli with peaches and guanciale $16

beet plin with goat cheese and tarragon $16

chicken liver rigatoni with cipollini onions and sage $16

spaghetti with olive oil poached calamari, taggiasca olives and parsley $16

corzetti with clams, farmers tomatoes, chili and scallions $18


rabbit “casalinga”
with pancetta, sage, brown butter and soft polenta $26

skate wing “alla piastra” with cockles, zucchini and tondini beans $28

whole roasted pork rack with fresh plums, fennel and celery $24

rosemary marinated veal with grilled trumpet mushrooms
and cherries $26

wild alaskan salmon with cucumbers and tomato conserva $29

house aged rib-eye “fiorentina” for two with corn and chanterelles $35pp
creekstone farm dry aged ribeye for two $50pp

chicken “alla griglia” with summer peppers, anchovy, caper and basil $24


corn and chanterelles $10

polenta rustica $6

“patate al forno” oven roasted potatoes $8

summer peppers with anchovy, caper and parsley $8

artichokes alla giudia $10


coconut meringata with mango zuppetta $8

stoudt bavarese with cherries and chocolate streusel $10

sweet corn frittelle with sweet corn gelato $8

white chocolate lavender mousse with farmer blackberries
and honey tuille $10

white wine poached peaches with brown sugar gelato and croccante $10

lemon and raspberry charlotte $10

polenta “budino” with gianduia mousse and candied hazelnuts $8

chocolate flan with pistacchio gelato $10

artisanal cheese plate with condiments $18pp

riserva cheese plate $26pp

Osteria Updates Its Menu For Summer