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At Last, the North End Gets A … Sports Bar?

Strange, isn’t it, that a neighborhood so close to the Garden doesn’t really have a sports bar to speak of? Well, all that’s about to change: As Urban Daddy reports, Vito’s Tavern will open for business on Monday. But sports seem almost secondary, really, after a quick gaze at the menu.

We hereby anoint Vito’s the United Nations of frat food. Here you’ll find fried meatballs, chips and guacamole, kimchi quesadillas, clams casino, and a Mexican-slash-Italian-themed Bloody Mary bar. And is it wrong that we’re somehow enchanted by the idea of Sulmona sausage nachos?

Moreover: There’s actually a “giant oil painting” of Ted Williams. We assume it’s only just a matter of time before they erect an enormous bronze sculpture of Shaquille O’Neal grasping a Korean-style fried wing. (North End style wings are also available.)

Vito’s Tavern
[Urban Daddy]

At Last, the North End Gets A … Sports Bar?