Mini Yums Puts Tiny Dessert and Crack Comparison Trends into Overdrive

Mini Yums: Not really dealing crack
Mini Yums: Not really dealing crack Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Haven’t you heard? Mini desserts are all the rage in chain restaurant boardrooms and industry trades these days (of course, we love to delude ourselves that we heralded this one). Naturally, the trend has hit an important milestone that might be the best indicator of its staying power: It’s the concept for a new food truck! Yep, of course it is. Come meet the mini-dessert-fueled, crack-slinging Mini Yums Truck.

Mini Yums’ main output is a selection of miniature cupcakes and miniscule cakes, though they also appear to carry peanut butter cookies from Cookie Casa. Of course, you wouldn’t really know a whole lot about what these guys serve from their thin website, Facebook, or Twitter feed. In fact, scouring all three of those sites (a call to the owners met with a dead number) reveals Mini Yum’s adherence to yet another trend: Comparing your desserts to concentrated rock cocaine.

Yup, Mini Yums swears you’ll love their “crack” again and again. On a website, the truck asks you to “Come get some crack to satisfy your sweet tooth!!” And over on Twitter, there are calls to “Come try some CRACK at @MiniYumsTruck tomorrow…” It’s only on Facebook that they mention this is simply an allusion to crack, something you probably want to clear up first before inviting the whole city to come sample the crack from your truck.

In any case, the new mobile caterer rolled out officially last Friday and is currently making some runs around the city. We’d love to know if anyone has tried their base mini-cupcakes or if they’re already tired of the mini-dessert trend. Please let us know in our comments!

Mini Yums Puts Tiny Dessert and Crack Comparison Trends into Overdrive