McDonald’s Playgrounds Are Disgusting; Prices of Wheat, Dairy Will Continue to Rise

• You don’t know what’s lurking beneath those colored balls: Turns out McDonald’s playgrounds are nasty places infested with gonorrhea and meningitis. [HuffPo]

• The following staples will continue to climb in price, say experts: wheat, corn, meat, dairy, and coffee. So basically everything involved in the American diet. [SF Gate]

• The Gastronauts eating club’s latest wacky meal involved noshing on things like snail salad and grilled chicken gizzards from special menus created by the Korilla and Bian Dang trucks. Could this be the future of food trucks? [NYDN]

• Because of some paperwork issues coupled with the Minnesota government shutdown, MillerCoors beers may soon be barred for sale in liquor stores and bars of that state. That means no Blue Moon either. [HuffPo]

• Nestle has invested in a company that makes kiwi-based constipation cures. How glamorous! [Reuters]

• An obscure member of Nigerian royalty is running the nightspot Amarachi Lounge in Bed-Stuy. [NYDN]

• Eataly thinks that for some reason President Obama will take them up on an invitation to toast his 50th birthday on August 4 with a fancy Barolo at the Italian megamarket. Well, they’re giving him till the end of 2011, so it could happen. [DNA Info]

McDonald’s Playgrounds Are Disgusting; Prices of Wheat, Dairy Will