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Myers + Chang Chef Goes to Market

JGV: Task-Master
JGV: Task-Master Photo: Jonathon Ziegler/

Market’s new chef, Matthew Barros, comes from an executive chef post at Myers + Chang. Something tells us that cooking to impress Joanne Chang and Chris Myers, and even throngs of ravenous South Enders, might be a tiny bit less overwhelming than cooking to impress Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

Indeed, per the Improper, newly anointed chef de cuisine Barros was made to sweat: “Of course the legendary chef made him wait, and invent dishes from a mystery basket under his intimidating gaze.” (This, of course, after he was scrutinized by “hidden scouts” watching him in action at M+C.)

Thankfully, he made the cut. And if you, too, aspire to similar glory, take heed. According to a recent Tweet from Joanne Chang, Myers + Chang is on the lookout for an assistant pastry chef! Who knows what could happen next? Someone might be watching.

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Myers + Chang Chef Goes to Market