Look Inside Telegraph, Opening Tonight in Logan Square

We are usually leery of self-proclaimed wine bars, which often feature underdeveloped food menus and expensive glasses of wine. But we knew that Telegraph would be different before it even settled on a name. The restaurant was created by Tom MacDonald and Jason Normann, the same folks behind Bucktown’s Bluebird and Lincoln Park’s Webster’s Wine Bar— still one of the most respected places to sip wine in the city. Plus, they brought in the former avec chef, John Anderes, and sommelier Jeremy Quinn. If the only road bumps along the way came from a quick flirtation with a copyrighted name, then that’s fine. We stopped by yesterday to see how Telegraph looked right before opening night.

As we mentioned last week, the menu is surprisingly concise, featuring just tartines, small plates, large plates, and two desserts. Anderes designed the menu to specifically highlight wine regions in Europe, while also taking into account the produce available seasonally in the Midwest. He plans to update the menu every six weeks.

The wine list was cultivated by Quinn, who we were able to catch up with a few weeks ago before Henri’s Soiree des Sommeliers. The wines at Telegraph are sourced from small, family-owned European wineries, which Quinn is describing as “new old-world wines.” These “natural, non-interventionist wines” are made using mostly traditional techniques, and should be better suited to pair with food. Over a dozen wines will be available by the glass.

Telegraph opens tonight at 5 p.m., and will stay open until 2 a.m. Check out the full menu here, and then take a look out our exclusive look into the kitchen.

Served with Albacore tuna, black olives, and tomato shrimp nage.
The former chef from avec has created an eclectic menu based on wine regions in Europe for the Logan Square wine bar.
We were able to catch up with Quinn a few weeks ago when he helped out with Henri’s Soiree des Sommeliers.
Served with EVO fried potatoes and kale pesto.
Served with dried fruit glaze and grilled July vegetables.
Served with blue pool oysters, cherries, pumpernickel, and ginger volute.
Served with Sicilian almonds, spinach, forest mushrooms, and pumpkin seed oil.
Served with marinated roe, mascarpone, and sherry reduction.
Look Inside Telegraph, Opening Tonight in Logan Square