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Lone Star Taco Bar’s Owner Is A Bit Spicy, Too

Last month we brought you news that our preferred Allston cocktail den, Deep Ellum, wanted to open Lone Star Taco Bar next door, an initiative that was later supported by the Allston Civic Association. Now it looks like it’s even one step closer to becoming a reality. Oh but wait, there’s more!

The Feast reports that owner Max Toste says the spot will have 56 seats and, ahem, sell “”proper carnitas”— “not that braised, soupy B.S.” Sounds good to us! Also look for five different types of made-to-order tacos with housemade tortillas and a “pared down” tequila-based cocktail list.

Apparently Toste isn’t one to mince words, either. Not only will he steer clear of soupy tacos, he’ll also make sure that staffers know their tequila. He tells the Feast that “a lot of tequila concepts have opened. And every one that has opened is total garbage.”

Do we sense a taco smack-down? Someone get Todd “What Bostonians Think Is Mexican Is Actually Tex-Mex” Hall over there!

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Lone Star Taco Bar’s Owner Is A Bit Spicy, Too