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Local Beet Composts ‘Farmer’s Market BS’

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Not for the first time, Rob Gardner at The Local Beet goes off on what he regards as “BS” about farmer’s markets— pernicious half-truths that miss the bigger picture of the pleasures and benefits of buying locally from farmers you can talk to. Here are some of the straw men Gardner feels compelled to do battle with:

• Not all the people taking your money are farmer’s - True, but one can find plenty of farmers too. Does it matter though? Can I not buy cheese from Marion Street Cheese because I’m not buying from the cheesemaker?

• It’s a fad, a place to be seen; alternatively, it’s a place to gaze at famous chefs - I’m not sure why these reasons amount to more than just cynicism

• Our season is too short - For the most part, our seasons are not shorter, they’re different. Sure California has asparagus in February and cherries in April but they don’t have them when we do. We should be atune with our seasonality and relish our moments to shine. It used to be traditional in New England to eat peas and new potatoes (and salmon) on the 4th of July. We don’t all have to subscribe to a mythical sense of seasonality based on some Mediterranean ideal.

It’s good food for thought as we approach a weekend when farmer’s markets will be overflowing with good stuff in season.

Calm Reactions to Farmer’s Market BS [The Local Beet]

Local Beet Composts ‘Farmer’s Market BS’