Lamb the New Pork, Tacos the New Sausages at Green City Market BBQ
Andrew Zimmerman of Sepia.

Maybe the groaning about hot weather that would make the Green City Market Chef’s BBQ Benefit seem more like Top Chef: Death Valley kept some folks away. Maybe the fact that they expanded the space it would occupy helped too. But for whatever reason, this year’s BBQ seemed less crowded and more laid back than last year’s, and even with the heat, that made for an extremely pleasant evening with some great bites— all made with ingredients from the farmers who bring their best to the market.

Some trends were discernable— housemade sausages were everywhere this year, even moreso than in past years, and tacos definitely seemed to be on the rise, with the likes of Stephanie Izard and Paul Kahan putting goat leg and blood sausage on little flat things instead of big bready things. Though pork belly was certainly in evidence, there was also beef belly from David Dworshak at Carnivale, pastrami from Barry Sorkin at Smoque, and smoked trout from Jeff Hedin at Leopold. While for dessert, there was Basque Cake from The Peninsula and sweet corn ice cream from Mindy Segal and raspberry gelee from Prasino in St. Charles, and everybody was grateful for the “liquorsicles” from Rick Gresh at Primehouse, located strategically next to the end of the longest line (always Rick Bayless). Check out our slide show of some of our favorite chefs and bites.

A spicy taco with Tatume squash, poblano cream and sockeye salmon at the most popular stand each year— though the line was still shorter than on a weekday at 12:20 at Xoco.
A beautifully simple chilled soup with different peak-of-the-season fruits or vegetables in each cup. Collect them all!
Paper-thin fried potatoes added unexpected decadence to one of our favorite vegetarian choices of the night.
Lamb bacon with peas and honey, on the coolest serving implements of the night.
Tony Mantuano knows how to move Piedmontese beef carpaccio — stand back and let the good-looking gals sell it.
Several restaurants brought grills, but this one made the most dramatic presentation — right near the main entrance.
Paul Kahan doesn’t trust just anyone with patting the balls of masa into tortillas. He was wise — the fresh-grilled masa lifted a good beef/blood sausage taco into sublimity.
Another vegetarian winner — grilled halloumi (a middle-eastern sheep’s milk cheese) with delicate bits of “compressed” watermelon and mint.
And the biggest-pan award goes to Tim Cottini for his vegetable paella.
Lamb the New Pork, Tacos the New Sausages at Green City Market BBQ