La-la Land: Ludo Lefebvre on NYC Plans; the Animal Guys on ‘Amazing’ Whale Meat

Lefebvre, pre-sunburn last week.
Lefebvre, pre-sunburn last week. Photo: Melissa Hom

When we caught up to (a sunburned) Ludo Lefebvre at Meatopia, he confirmed reports from last week that he plans on bringing LudoBites to town in November. “I’m looking for a location for a pop-up,” he told us. “It’s a dream for me to cook in New York.” Anywhere specific that he’s thinking? “I looked in Dumbo; I hear they need food there. It would happen in November. It’s going to happen!”

But isn’t he worried that cynical New Yorkers might call him just another celebrity chef? “Let me tell you something, every chef wants to be on TV. Trust me. It’s a reality. They are lying if they say not. Michel Bras, okay maybe not, but these cooking shows are everywhere. It’s all over France now. The old-timers, the experts — everyone wants to be part of it. It’s a game and you have to play it.”

Tell that to Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook, the dudes behind Animal and Son of a Gun, who are a little less enthused about bringing their cow-duck-lamb-and-everything-in-between business here. Shook says, “I really love L.A. It would take a lot to come to New York. Plus, New Yorkers need a place to go when they come to L.A.”

Dotolo adds, “We might do a dinner here or there in New York. Nothing like Ludo’s traveling restaurant, because he’s the king of that; he pulls it off better than anyone else.” Dotolo says there is one thing that could lure him to a new town, although not in this country: whale meat. “I just had whale and it was amazing, in Japan. Amazing. I see why people eat it. There’s a reason why the Japanese desire it. It’s so fatty and rich. They’re not just sacrificing its life for nothing.”

La-la Land: Ludo Lefebvre on NYC Plans; the Animal Guys on ‘Amazing’