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Kobe Can’t Cook, But He Likes to Look!

Bryant, befouling your in-flight meal.
Bryant, befouling your in-flight meal. Photo: You Tube via Flickr

After the Lakers’ dismal last season, we’re not sure if we want Kobe handling the ball, let alone our arctic char. But in a commercial for Turkish Airlines that Sports Guy Bill Simmons draws our attention to, the shooting guard briefly transforms into a chef, doing a little Freaky Friday with the toque on his first-class flight. Like many of us, the chef serving his meal (by the way, who on earth has ever been served by a chef on an airplane?) thinks he might be able to give Kobe a little advice on his shot, so an aggravated Bryant gives him the chance to switch jobs.

It’s not nearly as funny as watching Kareem Abdul-Jabbar run the cockpit in Airplane, and you can pretty much imagine that Bryant fouls up when de-boning a fish and gets frustrated cutting onions (what grown man can’t chop onions without turning into a total spazz like this?) while the other guy gets put in his place by a bunch of pro ballers. Well, there is one rather unpredictable moment as Kobe’s appetite becomes much more engaged by the sight of the retreating waiter/chef’s rump than by his in-flight meal. How long has Kobe been on this flight?! Check the video and feel free to offer up any theories in our comments.

[Bill Simmons/Twitter]

Kobe Can’t Cook, But He Likes to Look!