Katy Perry’s Food Poisoning; Let’s Eat Invasive Species

• Katy Perry is the latest celebrity to fall prey to “food poisoning.” Do these stars actually think people believe this excuse after watching Country Strong? [Celebrity Cafe]

• Although “we are not going to be able to just eat our way out of the invasive species problem,” per one scientist, it’s not exactly a terrible idea to get in the habit of consuming these species. [NYT]

• If you haven’t watched Hannah Hart’s “My Drunk Kitchen,” it’s hilarious. Check out the YouTube star’s drunk-cooking tips here. [NYDN]

• If your weekend aspirations include getting out of the city and stuffing your face, the Post has you covered. [NYP]

• Today in rising food costs: China’s inflation hits a three-year high while Egypt’s tapers off; and in Somalia, 10 million people are at serious risk of starvation. [RTT News, Bloomberg, Sunday Business Post]

• Perhaps you’ve been dying to know what the tastiest brand of commercial hummus is? Well, here ya go: KitchenDaily tested fourteen of them. [KitchenDaily]

• A guy was fired by Dillard’s for sneaking some hot dogs after a Fourth of July picnic. Evidently the company wanted to save the franks for Labor Day. Ew. [Gawker]

Katy Perry’s Food Poisoning; Let’s Eat Invasive Species