Whole Feuds

JP Residents Want ‘Culturally Appropriate’ Food at Whole Foods

In the latest chapter of the ongoing Whole Foods vs. Jamaica Plain saga, residents are insisting that the market sell “culturally appropriate” offerings that match the needs of the neighborhood, per Universal Hub via the Jamaica Plain Patch.

An ad-hoc Committee on Whole Foods presented their requests to the JP Neighborhood Council the other day, complete with a 69-page document outlining their concerns (gentrification being the biggest one) and recommendations.

We’re loving this online Patch comment from one JP resident:

“Dear JPNC,

I’m a gay, white, middle-aged Irishman living in JP. Please advise what foods are appropriate to my culture. I quite like huevos rancheros, italian sausage and french vanilla ice cream but now I’m a little worried that they may not be appropriate for me.”

It sure is confusing. We still descend into catatonia when faced with the multitude of options at their burrito bar!

Ad Hoc Committee on Whole Foods Releases Report

JP Residents Want ‘Culturally Appropriate’ Food at Whole Foods