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Jennifer Aniston Takes Date to Meet Dad at Delmonico’s; Gwen Stefani Sups at Casa Vega

Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani Photo: Petercruise via Flickr

Since Weston Cage found a different outlet for his aggression, we can crawl out from under the bed and look at what’s really important around here. Like Jennifer Aniston! Yes girls, she’s at it again, dating a new dude, Justin Theroux, and finally reaching the stage where she’s introduced him to daddy at Delmonico’s. Why do we feel like we’re playing Jenga with Jen? Will she make it or will the whole deal come crashing to the floor? While we root Jen on to the finish line, see where else celebs have been eating, drinking, and dating this week in L.A.

Asia de Cuba: Channing Tatum and his wife had dinner during a party for The Playboy Club’s Laura Benanti, while Taye Diggs tried to pay the bill. In a studly move, Tatum tipped the server triple! [People]

A Votre Sante: Brooke Burke and her dude had Italian in Brentwood. [People]

Casa Vega: Gwen Stefani chowed down with friends on Saturday. Harry Potter’s Emma Watson was there the same night. [GS]

Dan Tana’s: A newly slimmed down Jonah Hill didn’t let the fatty old steakhouse break his stride. Looking great, Jonah, keep it up! [Daily Mail UK]

Delmonico’s: Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux met up with the actresses’ Dad. [Seattle PI]

Farmer’s Market: Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, and family spent the day shopping for good greens and the like. [People]

Fig & Olive: Leonardo DiCaprio had dinner on Sunday, grabbing branzino with figs and free-range organic chicken with roasted figs and polenta to go. [GS]

Malibu Farmers Market: Tori Spelling spends every Sunday here it seems, just in case you want to ask her stupid questions about 90210 or anything. [People]

McDonald’s: Kendra Wilkinson somehow found room for The Golden Arches in that non-stomach of her’s. [The Superficial]

Nate ‘n Al
: Kim Kardashian is dating Larry King. Just kidding. But she is eating at Nate ‘N Al, which is still getting a little too close to the guy, for our tastes. [Celebrity Settings]

Poquito Mas: David Spade put the “poquito” back in Poquito Mas. He also appears to have lost his legs, but still probably has hotter dates than the rest of us. [The Superficial]

Starbucks: Andrew “Dice” Clay grabbed a coffee in Beverly Hills and looks like he’s still talking a lot of shit. [trhe Superficial]

Jennifer Aniston Takes Date to Meet Dad at Delmonico’s; Gwen Stefani Sups at