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Inevitably, Pink’s Offers a Royal Hot Dog

Will it be another royal mess?
Will it be another royal mess? Photo: Permanently Scatterbrained via Flickr

Prince William and Princess Kate are coming to town, but it’s unlikely they’ll be hanging out with locals like Ozzy Osbourne or Huell Howser. Except on the menu at Pink’s, of course! Yes, inevitably Pink’s is trying to muscle in on the royal couple’s glow, putting a “Royal Dog” hot dog on their menu to make a few bucks. We don’t think it will tear the couple out of the Santa Barbara Polo Club to wait in line on La Brea anytime soon, but still, owner P.T. Barnum Richard Pink is crossing his fingers they’ll make a stop. So, what makes the hot dog “royal” in the first place?

UPI reports that the new dog is more of a royal mess, involving base Yankee ingredients that we’re sure the royal court has tried to keep young William from sampling his whole life. The new dog features two wieners on a bun, cheese, chili, onions, relish, and two strips of bacon.

In other words, it sounds just like all of Pink’s not-very-British hot dogs. Really, Mr. Pink, couldn’t you have thrown some truffles on this thing and charged $1,000? Or how about something weird and British to eat as a topping like baked beans, Marmite, or (duh!) some mashed potatoes for these dual bangers. The hot dog is currently on offer for six bucks.

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Inevitably, Pink’s Offers a Royal Hot Dog